Easy Marketing Tips

I’m going to give you info on how to drive lots of traffic to your website and how you can achieve the same success as internet marketers who are making a solid income with their website.

First off, don’t fret! All the ways I’m going to show you are FREE ways of marketing so you don’t have to cough up a bunch of money.

Now there’s a few different ways to direct traffic to your website. You want to set up free accounts on huge social websites like MySpace, Squidoo, YouTube, and others you may know of, and direct as many eyeballs as you can toward your website. However, you’re not going to want to try to “sell” a product on these networking sites. Even though the idea might seem to “sell”, you don’t really want to do that. The majority of people do not want to be sold to, even less, people who are just browsing through the internet. In marketing, you want to first establish a connection, and then offer your products. People feel more comfortable when they see a face and hear a voice along with a product. The more comfortable a person feels, the more likely they’re going to purchase your product. It’s not rocket science!

“Okay, so I get the point. But now how do you direct traffic to these websites?”

It’s pretty easy. Since the majority of people have a MySpace and watch videos on YouTube and browse Squidoo, you need to sign up for all these sites if you haven’t already. Don’t worry, it’s free to sign up. Now don’t forget, the purpose here is to let people know who you are. Write down what your interests are, hobbies, goals, etc. It’s okay if you haven’t become the next online-marketing guru yet, just don’t be dishonest! What you don’t want to do is start all these campaigns and mislead people by saying you’re a multi-millionaire and you did it in 2 days and etc. Just be frank and let them know you are into internet marketing and where you want to go with it, etc. People become comfortable when they’re are able to relate to someone else, so you need to establish that connection. People are not just going to toss you money. People have to at least feel a little trust in you, and the more people see you, the more likely they will. The good thing is, as you start to take your business to a higher level, you can change your success story. Just don’t be deceitful!

Probably the best tool to market with is YouTube because then people can actually see and hear you and you can also upload your YouTube video to various websites. It’s not a problem if you’re not a movie-making expert as the majority of people on YouTube are amateurs anyway which is fine. Just about every modern computer comes with some type of software to make movies in case you didn’t know (Windows Movie Maker for PC’s; iMovie for Mac’s). There are plenty of video tutorials on YouTube if you need help making movies! If you don’t already have one, you should also get a microphone for cheap. No biggie.

Now you are all set and ready to go!

Throughout my experience in marketing and selling online, I have learned a lot from the information and tips given by my mentor. I am here to help as much as I can, so you can contact me with the info provided. But most important, things are not going to happen on their own, so the best thing to do is GET MOVIN’!

Direct Sales Representative – Overcoming Competition

There has been a major increase of individual direct sales representatives over the past couple of decades. The reason for this increase is because people are looking for ways to avoid a traditional 9 to 5 job and want to control their own income. Direct selling and sales is a way to avoid dealing with a boss or a set schedule, and a way to work from home and even love what you do!

With this increase of individual direct sales representatives on the loose, selling has become more competitive. The good news is that there has always been a huge market for direct selling agents. The convenience and quality of using the direct sales method to purchase products or services has created this market. Techniques that worked well for direct sales two decades ago still work today, but the popularity of the internet and other information delivery vehicles have given direct sales representatives new ways to accomplish their sales goals.

Mail marketing, print ads, and bulletin boards can still do wonders for your direct selling business, but there is competition out there and it is increasing. It is imperative that you stay creative in your marketing and try new ways to get yourself into the public with your products or services. Sure, you can just use the old techniques you have always used, but you may notice your sales go down, and the sales of your team go down slowly. Creativity can be what puts you above the rest in your area and creates the success you are striving for.

The internet has become the best way to market your team and recruit a solid group of direct salespeople under you. With some work and creativity, you can build a team across the world that is making you money. 20 years ago, it was rather difficult to build a team without filling your own territory with tons of competing salespeople. Now, it is easier than ever. Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and all the other social networks online today can be one of your greatest assets when building a team. If you are already using these services, great! You have a jump start on the competition. If you are not already utilizing these services then start now, they are free and they will help immensely.

If you are in direct sales already, then you must remember that as the world advances and new technologies are introduced, you must embrace them and utilize what they have to offer. If you don’t use these new ways to promote yourself, your products, or your team, you are missing out because other people in direct sales ARE going to use them and leave you behind. Learn to adapt to your environment, whether it be technology or mentality. Use what you can to improve your marketing and sales generation no matter how new or old the methods are. Results are what matters and you should do whatever it takes to create more sales and more leads each and every day.

Copywriting and Marketing Book Review: Is Freakonomics All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

When I read Freakonomics recently I was a little underwhelmed. It wasn’t what I was expecting after hearing so much praise for it around the traps. Really, does it have any lessons we can glean from the book in the worlds of marketing and copywriting?

So I’ve thought long and hard about should I bother writing about the lessons contained within the book. To me it’s a series of case studies about how people act in their own-self interest when presented with a given set of incentives.

As a direct marketer I am sure that we all know that people act in their own best interests and that if offered an incentive then there is a boost in response rate. There may or may not be a corresponding drop in the quality of responses – that is why we test these sorts of things.

More importantly, it is about the unintended consequences of incentive systems and how people will naturally look to get the best deal for themselves.

I think there is a lesson in this for everyone is the sales and marketing world. I do know of an enterprising salesman working for Oracle software… Every time the quotas were shifted he would plug all the variables into a spreadsheet with the rest of the sales staff watching.

In 15 minutes they would have the exact mix of products and services they had to sell in order to maximise their commissions while minimising the amount they actually had to sell.

Bad for the business but great for the salesman.

The second lesson is about unintended consequences further down the line. Freakonomics details how one change seemingly for the better was hidden and on the surface, anunrelated cause in an completely unrelated trend. Legal abortions and the dropping crime rate.

I’ve recently come to realise that one of the greatest weaknesses of modern humans is our inability to recognise the relationships between things. We are all too often completely blind to them. Things will always happen and there will be consequences, often unthought-of of ones.

Recently I did a little consulting with an energy broker. With a low price of entry and initially, relatively low costs of sale the niche has become an absolute disaster area – everyone competing on price and the market is rapidly cannibalising itself.

While the quality of the copy and the marketing is poor overall in this niche and the economic rewards are few and small. It has gotten to the point that the energy retailers may take years in order to recoup their acquisition costs. Many times longer than the customer will stay for on average. Which means as a direct marketer I don’t want to be an energy broker, and I’m not too keen on the idea of consulting with one or writing their copy.

While many in the market may have gotten a new world view from Freakonomics, I don’t think it’s the revelation that many found it to be. But then again I am a copywriter and a marketer. People doing things in their self interest and watching the flow on effects of decisions is part of what I do every day.