A Quick Guide To Direct Mail Success

Whenever you begin your marketing journey, make sure you’re marketing to a group of people that will listen to you, and want to hear from you. This is typically the case when you have a large customer database and you interact with them via tele-seminar, seminar, consulting, or simple direct marketing.

With these methods, you would think that it’s easy to make money in business. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth of the matter is that success in business is hard – probably harder than anything that you have ever done before. I know this is how it was for me.

When I first started, I had no idea of what I was doing. I did telemarketing, cold calling, cold direct mail, and classified advertising in those little publications that no one reads. None of it worked. But I decided that there was opportunity in direct mail, so I wanted to pursue it further.

Turned out that I was doing direct mail completely wrong. I used to pick out names from the phonebook, find businesses on the internet, and I would do all of the “tricks” and techniques to boost my direct mail response rate.

None of it worked.

So I decided to buy this program on direct mail to learn how to make it work, And once I found out how badly I was doing it, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Well eventually I finally got it right, but I wasn’t bold enough to run campaigns in the 5000 and above range. Just too much money involved, so I figured I’d continue to do it at a lower scale.

If you’re thinking about doing direct mail but don’t know the mechanics of it, then I will briefly go over the concepts for you. The first thing you need is a list that correlates to the product that you’re selling. To get a list, go to the library and ask for the SRDS. It contains a wide variety of mailing lists that you can use to find a profitable list to mail to.

Once you have your list, it’s time for an offer. Your offer is essential for the operation of your direct mail campaign, and you have to show your reader how much value your offer is so that they can take advantage of it.

The last thing that you will need now is a sales letter. This is your sales rep on paper. Use your sales letter to ignite and inspire sales faster than usual. If you don’t have the copywriting skills to create a good sales letter, hire a copywriter. You can find some good ones for about $5000 to create a letter for you. Check around the internet for some.

These mailings will allow you to have the success that you desire with these direct marketing techniques. You should strive to learn how to write copy also so that you can have as much success with it as you possibly can. So don’t this option out.

Good luck with making direct mail work for you.

Achievements in Advertising – Optimize and Track Ad Response With a Direct Response Tool

College enrollment is expected to continue setting new records throughout the current economic environment as people look to change careers or further their educations and start their own businesses.

With over six thousand institutions of higher education in the United States, there is no question how tough the competition is in reaching potential students and enrolling them in your institution. So, what is the best way to reach these individuals, and what will make them respond to your advertising?

For the Texas Barber Colleges and Hairstyling Schools the answer was advertising with a memorable direct-response tool, 1-800-NEW-CAREER. The school had a goal to increase leads and enrollment by 10% in 2008. They also wanted a sure-fire way to track the response to their advertising campaigns. The Director of Marketing and Admissions, Esty Merlo, decided to try listing a vanity 800 number in his ad campaigns, with the thought that the “word” phone number would be easier for people to remember.

After activating the vanity phone number, Texas Barber Colleges and Hairstyling Schools saw a 23% growth in leads from 2007 to 2008. According to Merlo, “The results have been phenomenal. We’ve doubled the goals we set for ourselves once we made the move to using multiple vanity numbers and a call center.”

To get results like Texas Barber Colleges and Hairstyling Schools, just follow the advertising tips below:

1. Use a Phone Number as the Direct-Response Tool in Your Ads
Recent research shows that survey respondents have a 45 percent higher recall rate of vanity phone numbers like 1-800-NEW-CAREER than they do of Web addresses. By offering a phone number along with your URL, you are providing people with a one-on-one experience, giving prospective students a direct route to your admission specialists. Getting a prospective student to call and speak with an admissions representative brings you one step closer to enrollment

2. Feature an Easy-to-Remember Direct-Response Tool in all Marketing Materials
A phone number will not be much help if folks cannot remember it. Get a vanity 800 number, like Esty Merlo did. A vanity 800 number that relates to your school’s student mission, like 1-800-NEW-JOBS or 1-800-NEW-CAREER, will assist in reinforcing your brand image, deliver a consistent message, and give people the ability to contact you immediately. Another benefit of a vanity number comes out when someone who hears or sees your ad with a memorable phone number, but is not ready right now to go back to school. But, if they find themselves three months down the road in pursuit of a career change, they will remember your vanity 800 number from the advertising campaign and call you before they call another school in your area. You’ll stand out from competing schools.

3. Prominent Placement of the Direct-Response Tool
Don’t bury the contact method in your ads. Feature your phone number prominently in all of your advertising and marketing materials. For example, mention it at least three times in a radio ad, make it the focal point of a print ad, and display the number on screen throughout a television ad. Make sure it is easily heard and understood, clearly visible, and easy to read, and your ads will pull higher response rates than ever before.

4. Test and Track Your Advertising Campaigns
Finally, when developing a new ad campaign, create two separate ads using the same creative elements, just switch up a toll-free phone number for a vanity 800 number in one of the ads. Track the response you get from each ad. You’ll see that vanity 800 numbers will generate 30 to 60 percent better response rates than numeric phone numbers.

Mr. Merlo shares that his advertising efforts with the vanity 800 numbers are really paying off. “In this economy, more and more people are thinking about a new career and making changes to become their own boss. Our advertising is reaching more of those people, drawing in more leads, and our enrollment levels are increasing every month.”

When using a phone number as a direct-response tool there is no question that true vanity 800 phone numbers are easier to remember and produce higher response rates. Just ask Esty Merlo.

Affiliate Article Marketing – Created by the Internet

Affiliate article marketing was created on the internet that rewards a person for each visitor that has directed a web surfer to a specific web page. There are four different but equally important parts to affiliate article marketing. The four parts are the merchant, the network, the publisher and the consumer. Since the internet has become more and more complex there are even more participants that contribute to this style of marketing that include affiliate management agencies, super affiliates and even third party vendors or merchants.

The merchant is the person that has a product or a service for sale that they are willing to offer on their web site.

The network is the internet which is means by all the parties are connected.

The publisher is either the author of the articles that help direct the traffic to the designated sites or a web master that hires still another participant, the author, to write the articles.

The most important part of this circle is the consumer. This is the web surfer that is looking to make a purchase.

The other parts like the affiliate management agencies are a web site that sole purpose is to assist web site owners with marketing articles. Most have a large assortment of articles to choose from and they can be purchased for a price. The super affiliates are just as you might suspect. They run a website that does nothing but redirect the surfers to other sites for a price that is paid by the site owner to where the surfer is directed to. The last part is the third party vendor. This is a site that either has an accompanying product or service that compliments the primary merchant. A good example would be a site that sells caring cases for computers that is the third party vendor for a computer site.

Affiliated article marketing has developed into a multimillion dollar business on the internet. This is no longer an e-commerce toy as it was first seen as.