Direct Mail Advertising – It’s Easier Than You Think

If you’ve been thinking about direct mail advertising for your business, but are worried about the complexity or think it will just take up too much time and money then think again. Direct mail can be one of the easiest and yet most powerful tools available for marketing your company and you could find it exactly what you need to take your business to the next level. Even a small home run business can find the budget necessary to utilize direct mail advertising in their marketing plan. Below is a simple step-by-step guide to help you get up and running fast.

Step One: Think about what you want to say

Direct mail is all about communication. In fact all advertising is really about communicating a message to existing and potential customers about something you want them to know. So before you go off and print a ton of flyers, carefully think about what you want to advertise and the best way to do that. You may want to advertise your company as something different from your competition somehow, or maybe you have an exclusive product that nobody else does? You need to draw attention to something that will get you a response or your direct mail campaign will fail.

Step Two: Choose a format and design the ads

Now you know what you want to say, you have to decide how best to say it. Do you need a brochure with lots of images? Maybe a personalized postcard format to talk straight to your customers? Maybe just a text-based flyer is enough to get your message across? What you decide here will have a big impact on how customers will react to your message and how they will subsequently see your business. A brochure can add a real touch of class if that’s what you need, but be careful to stick to a standard shape and size to keep costs as low as possible when printing and mailing them. Flyers are often the cheapest choice, but be sure that this option doesn’t just make your ad look too tacky. You also need to ensure the content is written and designed for your specific target audience, and if you struggle here a freelance writer/designer or a proper design firm can help depending of course on your budget.

Step Three: Get your direct mail material printed and sent

Once you have the design all ready, you should shop around to find a good online printer with low prices and order in bulk to lower the cost further. Choose the highest quality option you can and try not to order fast delivery as this can cost more. Once you receive your order, all that’s left is to get them delivered. For a direct mail campaign you should always use proper first class stamps so you may want to get a machine that aids in the process to speed things up. Now simply send off your direct mail adverts and wait for the response.

Five ways to motivate your team to use Job Management Software

There’s always fear around implementing new technology or software. Your workers may be concerned about learning how to use a new system or that they’ll be pressured to do more work. Introducing new software can be intimidating or overwhelming for everyone, but it’s possible to motivate your team to use Job Management Software.

Show your team how the software will benefit them

While it’s crucial to showcase the benefits the new Job Management Software will have for your business, it’s even more important to show your team how it will make their work easier. Your team needs to be on board for the software to be implemented successfully. If your employees are sceptical of the system, they won’t be interested in learning how to use it, and the software may not improve the efficiency of your business processes. If you can show your workers that the Job Management Software will enhance their efficiency and help them meet their targets, they’ll be eager to do training and willing to use the software.

Provide comprehensive training

Once you’ve convinced your team that the software is a valuable tool, you’ll need to provide in-depth training to equip them for success. If your workers don’t know how to use the system, they may make mistakes that could cost your business and reduce efficiency. A lack of training could also decrease employee morale. If your workers don’t feel confident using the software, they’ll continue to make mistakes and feel pessimistic about their work. But if you provide comprehensive training and support, you can boost morale and efficiency.

Let your team experiment

After you’ve trained your team to use the Job Management Software, let them use the system, even if you know they’re going to make mistakes. This practical approach is the best way for your workers to get used to the software and learn. If you’re able to, create a test account for employees to use before you go live with the software so they can use the system without worrying about making a mistake that could affect your customers’ projects or invoices.

Offer incentives

One of the easiest ways to motivate staff to use new software is to offer incentives. Whether it’s a competition or a reward for meeting a specific target, if you dangle a carrot in front of your team, they’ll have way more fun using the system than if you made it a chore for them to do. Healthy competition can be fun, and it’s a great way to get your employees to encourage each other to use the software.

Get feedback

Allow your employees to share their feedback with you. The information they share will give you the chance to see if they’re reaching their goals and targets with the system or whether they need more training. Your team may even have ideas on how to use the software in other ways to improve efficiency, and you can use their feedback to boost productivity. By requesting feedback from your employees, they’ll feel that you’re listening to their suggestions and that they’re involved in the introduction of the new software.

Direct E-Mail Marketing Made Easy – Opt-In E-Mail Marketing

Every day, over 70% of all the users on the internet are checking their e-mails. For the newer generations, e-mails have completely taken over the actual paper mailing. There are many ways to communicate via the web and many companies tried to revolutionize e-mail as well. Google, for example, came up with Google Wave, which is an amazing program to help communicate with bigger groups. But with all these new ways to communicate, not one can achieve what an e-mail can (yet).

E-mail marketing was one of the first ways people would market on the internet. It is a form of direct marketing, intended to bring in new customers or keep relationships with current customers healthy. But as the internet changed, so did E-mail advertising. Now, advertising with e-mails can be very risky and ineffective, especially with the chance that you’re e-mail would drop straight into the spam folder.

Today, the most effective and powerful way for a business to market e-mails is the opt-in e-mail advertising method. This approach involves a business-customer agreement that the client or potential customer is will to receive these e-mails. This method is very powerful to create and maintain relationships, without making your company look like a spamming, cheap company.

The main way of generating this relationship, is by capturing interested website visitors’ e-mail. Best would be is to find out what product or service interests them the most and then keep them updated constantly to hopefully convert them into a client/customer.

Capturing an e-mail is one thing, but there are many other important things rules to follow to successfully e-mail advertise.

The E-mail newsletter:

The e-mail newsletter has to match the company design. It has to be professional, dynamic and allow many options for the reader to choose from. Whether it’s a visit the website link, follow us on Facebook or Twitter button, or a big buy now button, it has to have some type of lead generator.

The newsletter content:

Make sure to provide unique and topic related newsletters. Offer several ways to take action and keep the content short and sweet. This and a great looking design will definitely avoid an unsubscribing situation.

E-mail marketing is vital for any company. Having a great e-mail newsletter to talk about your specials or news is a powerful way to brand and market your company.