Marketing Your Internet Presence and Resume by Leveraging Email Campaign Software

If you are looking for your next career opportunity, take charge of your job search campaign by not simply passively relying on your Internet presence and resume postings to make your phone ring. Maximize your exposure to career opportunities by reaching out directly to as many hiring authorities, recruiters, and networking contacts as possible.

How? After you’re finished with your resume writing and have a pin-sharp resume. It starts with having the right tools.

Get a desktop email campaign software tool (e.g., Group Mail, EmailUnlimited, Gammadyne Mailer, et al.). A typical desktop email campaign management tool allows you to send HTML formatted emails -with- attachments (i.e., your resume) right from your PC.

Who do you send your resume to?

Ideally you’d want to cover the earth by sending your resume out to every hiring authority/executive on the planet. Remember this being all based on timing. It takes on average 90-120 days to fill a search. Only a fraction of the available job opportunities ever go out side of the employer to contracted search entities (retained or contingent). Most employment openings are filled directly through the efforts of an employer’s internal staffing departments or the employer’s hiring authority/executive directly. Make sure you’re getting your resume out there at least once a quarter at a minimum.

OK, so how do I identify “everybody on the planet?”

Build your Contact Database. You want to think about everything you touch as a possible source of contact information and names.

Think like a recruiting researcher. You want to be able to identify a contact’s name from one source (e.g., EVP Technology, John Schmoe speaking about XYZ technology from a trade show website speaker’s list) and identify an email of someone else at the company (the press contact for the company: jane-dot-doe-at-company-dot-com) and be able to put the two together: john-dot-schmoe-at-company-dot-com. Will these really work? 70-80% of the time they will. You can go into some sites and identify literally thousands of employee names. Paste them into a spreadsheet and do some simple manipulation to create thousands of contact emails.

Buy a cheap email extraction tool such as Email Address Collector to pull all the email addresses you’ve communicated with or saved (e.g., in the spread sheet you just created) from every document, file, and email (To, From, CC, and BCC) on your computer.

Identify as many relevant sources of contact information as possible. There are many that are industry specific and free (e.g., MediaPost will expose you to tens of thousands of media & entertainment direct contact emails for free). Lead411 is a relatively inexpensive database of direct downloadable contact information for 50,000 Companies and 200,000 executives. Hoovers will expose you an unbelievable amount of companies and names, but no direct contact information. The PriceWaterhouseCoopers MoneyTree Survey is the definitive source of information on emerging companies that receive financing and the venture capital firms that provide it. Many sources of information will also lead you to other sources of direct contact information. And there are many, many more that you can identify on the Internet. Some are free, and some are subscription based. If you are looking to save money, you can even trade business contacts at Jigsaw, an online business contact marketplace where marketers, recruiters, and sales people can buy, sell and trade business contact information. Jigsaw has over 1.5 Million contacts at over 100,000 companies.

Loading all of these contacts into your email campaign management tool will give you an efficient way to send your “pin sharp” resume out to your targeted audience.

Happy Networking