Direct E-Mail Marketing Made Easy – Opt-In E-Mail Marketing

Every day, over 70% of all the users on the internet are checking their e-mails. For the newer generations, e-mails have completely taken over the actual paper mailing. There are many ways to communicate via the web and many companies tried to revolutionize e-mail as well. Google, for example, came up with Google Wave, which is an amazing program to help communicate with bigger groups. But with all these new ways to communicate, not one can achieve what an e-mail can (yet).

E-mail marketing was one of the first ways people would market on the internet. It is a form of direct marketing, intended to bring in new customers or keep relationships with current customers healthy. But as the internet changed, so did E-mail advertising. Now, advertising with e-mails can be very risky and ineffective, especially with the chance that you’re e-mail would drop straight into the spam folder.

Today, the most effective and powerful way for a business to market e-mails is the opt-in e-mail advertising method. This approach involves a business-customer agreement that the client or potential customer is will to receive these e-mails. This method is very powerful to create and maintain relationships, without making your company look like a spamming, cheap company.

The main way of generating this relationship, is by capturing interested website visitors’ e-mail. Best would be is to find out what product or service interests them the most and then keep them updated constantly to hopefully convert them into a client/customer.

Capturing an e-mail is one thing, but there are many other important things rules to follow to successfully e-mail advertise.

The E-mail newsletter:

The e-mail newsletter has to match the company design. It has to be professional, dynamic and allow many options for the reader to choose from. Whether it’s a visit the website link, follow us on Facebook or Twitter button, or a big buy now button, it has to have some type of lead generator.

The newsletter content:

Make sure to provide unique and topic related newsletters. Offer several ways to take action and keep the content short and sweet. This and a great looking design will definitely avoid an unsubscribing situation.

E-mail marketing is vital for any company. Having a great e-mail newsletter to talk about your specials or news is a powerful way to brand and market your company.