Affiliate Article Marketing – Created by the Internet

Affiliate article marketing was created on the internet that rewards a person for each visitor that has directed a web surfer to a specific web page. There are four different but equally important parts to affiliate article marketing. The four parts are the merchant, the network, the publisher and the consumer. Since the internet has become more and more complex there are even more participants that contribute to this style of marketing that include affiliate management agencies, super affiliates and even third party vendors or merchants.

The merchant is the person that has a product or a service for sale that they are willing to offer on their web site.

The network is the internet which is means by all the parties are connected.

The publisher is either the author of the articles that help direct the traffic to the designated sites or a web master that hires still another participant, the author, to write the articles.

The most important part of this circle is the consumer. This is the web surfer that is looking to make a purchase.

The other parts like the affiliate management agencies are a web site that sole purpose is to assist web site owners with marketing articles. Most have a large assortment of articles to choose from and they can be purchased for a price. The super affiliates are just as you might suspect. They run a website that does nothing but redirect the surfers to other sites for a price that is paid by the site owner to where the surfer is directed to. The last part is the third party vendor. This is a site that either has an accompanying product or service that compliments the primary merchant. A good example would be a site that sells caring cases for computers that is the third party vendor for a computer site.

Affiliated article marketing has developed into a multimillion dollar business on the internet. This is no longer an e-commerce toy as it was first seen as.