ACN Inc Review – Can Direct Selling Telecommunications Push ACN to the Top?

ACN Inc, self proclaimed to be the world’s largest direct selling telecommunications company operates in twenty countries across three continents. So if you are a network marketer in US, Europe or Asia Pacific, you would have definitely come across the opportunity to earn money as a distributor of this company’s products. Whether you’re an aspiring rep or already working as one in ACN Inc, you’ll definitely find the following information useful to strengthen your income and get to be one of the top earners in this company. First, let’s glance at the background of the company and then explore the income opportunity to find out how best to make money from ACNinc.

· ACN Inc – What’s it about?

Four entrepreneurs, Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Mike Cupisz and Tony Cupisz founded this company in Farmington Hills, Michigan in 1993 to offer local and long distance telephones, internet, wireless, satellite TV with DirecTV and Home Security. These products and services are sold through Multilevel Marketing, i.e, by hiring representatives to market products and recruit more distributors. This company claims to be different from other MLMs by offering reps a residual income for the work done.

· What is Residual income?

As a distributor for ACN, your commission is a percentage on your customer’s usage value depending on the level in which you’re placed. You earn a residual income for your service, that is, you earn money for as long as the customer uses the product. So once you’ve closed a deal, your client just has to use the service you’ve sold to allow you to earn. Tempting? Think again!

· Criticisms

If the income opportunity was really as lucrative as advertised, why should there be just a lukewarm response to this opening? Here are the reasons -

1. The payout offered is minimal. This is to enable the company to survive amidst heavy competition. This is hardly enough to get you more than a few hundred dollars a year.

2. You’ll have to make an investment of $499 to join.

3. Though you get a commission based on your customer’s usage, it’s payable only when the minimum usage is $10000.

4. As a previous employee pointed out, you earn more in ACNinc by recruiting people than by selling products.

5. The company trains you to target your “warm market”, that is, friends and relatives to do your business. In a few days, you’ll find that this market is not warm anymore. It gets embarrassing when people start avoiding you to escape the inevitable meetings and parties you’d otherwise take them to.

· So where does this leave us?

Don’t lose hope. These criticisms don’t mean ACN Inc is a wasted venture. In fact, there are lots of success stories within this Company in its life span of 15 years.

To be truly successful, you need go beyond the usual and tap your customer base innovatively. Project yourself to a global audience and reach people who are outside your warm market. The secret to this is going online. Is there a network that’s larger than the internet? Get people to approach you with bookings. Adopt a new approach to marketing and conduct your business in style using the best tools in the net.