A Quick Guide To Direct Mail Success

Whenever you begin your marketing journey, make sure you’re marketing to a group of people that will listen to you, and want to hear from you. This is typically the case when you have a large customer database and you interact with them via tele-seminar, seminar, consulting, or simple direct marketing.

With these methods, you would think that it’s easy to make money in business. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth of the matter is that success in business is hard – probably harder than anything that you have ever done before. I know this is how it was for me.

When I first started, I had no idea of what I was doing. I did telemarketing, cold calling, cold direct mail, and classified advertising in those little publications that no one reads. None of it worked. But I decided that there was opportunity in direct mail, so I wanted to pursue it further.

Turned out that I was doing direct mail completely wrong. I used to pick out names from the phonebook, find businesses on the internet, and I would do all of the “tricks” and techniques to boost my direct mail response rate.

None of it worked.

So I decided to buy this program on direct mail to learn how to make it work, And once I found out how badly I was doing it, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Well eventually I finally got it right, but I wasn’t bold enough to run campaigns in the 5000 and above range. Just too much money involved, so I figured I’d continue to do it at a lower scale.

If you’re thinking about doing direct mail but don’t know the mechanics of it, then I will briefly go over the concepts for you. The first thing you need is a list that correlates to the product that you’re selling. To get a list, go to the library and ask for the SRDS. It contains a wide variety of mailing lists that you can use to find a profitable list to mail to.

Once you have your list, it’s time for an offer. Your offer is essential for the operation of your direct mail campaign, and you have to show your reader how much value your offer is so that they can take advantage of it.

The last thing that you will need now is a sales letter. This is your sales rep on paper. Use your sales letter to ignite and inspire sales faster than usual. If you don’t have the copywriting skills to create a good sales letter, hire a copywriter. You can find some good ones for about $5000 to create a letter for you. Check around the internet for some.

These mailings will allow you to have the success that you desire with these direct marketing techniques. You should strive to learn how to write copy also so that you can have as much success with it as you possibly can. So don’t this option out.

Good luck with making direct mail work for you.

Marketing That is Working Right Now – Customer Research

What is working right now in this tough market as the best, reasonable cost mix for any organization is finding out who your customer types are (profile them), and then do the following:
- Events
- News Releases (not necessarily to the press)
- Web Promotion
- Radio Advertising
- E-blast Newsletters
- Direct Mail Advertising

All must be highly targeted at your top purchasing demographics and done as a campaign – not a series of unconnected media activity. It works right now!

The strategy starts by figuring out exactly who your buyers are and creating unique events for them, and people just like them. This article will cover customer research and future articles will cover the events and the media mix shown above.

Who are Your Customers? Once You Find Out, You Can Find More Just Like Them.
Find out the demographics and other information about your best customers. Check with your top sales people, look at customer records, hold focus groups with your customers, call them, poll them, find out as much as you can about the following:
- What is their household income?
- What is their age?
- Where do they live?
- Single, married, kids?
- Have they bought before?
- Why did they buy your product or service?
- Was there a particular benefit, feature, message that brought them to you?
- What media do they use: Which TV channels, radio stations, websites, magazines and newspapers, etc.?
- How did they hear about you? Careful! This is tenuous at best. Most won’t remember or won’t tell you accurately for a number of reasons but if most say the same thing it might be reliable.
- What are their favorite charities?

You’re looking for trends, not private or individual information.

After you figure out your best customer data, create customer profiles so you can use the information to:
- Create events to appeal directly to them
- Decide when is the best time to have an event and advertise
- Figure out where to have events
- Position your product or service vs. the competition
- Create a message to use to write news releases and other copy
- Target web sites you can use to use to promote (including social networking sites and groups)
- Promote on specific radio stations
- Get potential addresses to use for direct mail

Next article, Unique Events!

Direct Sales Representative – Overcoming Competition

There has been a major increase of individual direct sales representatives over the past couple of decades. The reason for this increase is because people are looking for ways to avoid a traditional 9 to 5 job and want to control their own income. Direct selling and sales is a way to avoid dealing with a boss or a set schedule, and a way to work from home and even love what you do!

With this increase of individual direct sales representatives on the loose, selling has become more competitive. The good news is that there has always been a huge market for direct selling agents. The convenience and quality of using the direct sales method to purchase products or services has created this market. Techniques that worked well for direct sales two decades ago still work today, but the popularity of the internet and other information delivery vehicles have given direct sales representatives new ways to accomplish their sales goals.

Mail marketing, print ads, and bulletin boards can still do wonders for your direct selling business, but there is competition out there and it is increasing. It is imperative that you stay creative in your marketing and try new ways to get yourself into the public with your products or services. Sure, you can just use the old techniques you have always used, but you may notice your sales go down, and the sales of your team go down slowly. Creativity can be what puts you above the rest in your area and creates the success you are striving for.

The internet has become the best way to market your team and recruit a solid group of direct salespeople under you. With some work and creativity, you can build a team across the world that is making you money. 20 years ago, it was rather difficult to build a team without filling your own territory with tons of competing salespeople. Now, it is easier than ever. Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and all the other social networks online today can be one of your greatest assets when building a team. If you are already using these services, great! You have a jump start on the competition. If you are not already utilizing these services then start now, they are free and they will help immensely.

If you are in direct sales already, then you must remember that as the world advances and new technologies are introduced, you must embrace them and utilize what they have to offer. If you don’t use these new ways to promote yourself, your products, or your team, you are missing out because other people in direct sales ARE going to use them and leave you behind. Learn to adapt to your environment, whether it be technology or mentality. Use what you can to improve your marketing and sales generation no matter how new or old the methods are. Results are what matters and you should do whatever it takes to create more sales and more leads each and every day.